Expo Cafe Tarrazu 2018 (San Marcos, Costa Rica)

As many of you may know, one of my biggest passions in life, besides sharing positive vibes, is coffee (see referenced coffee post here). There are so many aspects to the world of coffee. From growing it, to processing it, to exporting it, to even serving it, the possibilities are near endless. And with such a variety on growing conditions, processing procedures, and preparation methods, the possibilities are in fact endless. And with Costa Rica being the center of coffee culture, both historically and currently, it was a no brainer that I ended up here. Fortunately for me, just a few days after I arrived to Costa Rica, I learned that a pretty big coffee event was happening just 90 minutes South of San Jose, Expo Cafe Tarrazu 2018. Another no brainer.

Now, if you look at a map of Costa Rica, and see the distance between San Jose and San Marcos, where the event was being held, you might think, “Oh, only 60 km away, we’ll easily be there in under an hour.” Well if that is your first thought, then you, my friend, have never driven in Costa Rica.


If you look at the map above, and compare it to the map below showcasing the distance between Virginia Beach and Richmond (and ignoring my low battery percentage of course) you will see that the second map, is nearly double the distance of the first, but takes roughly the same amount of time. Why? Well driving here is certainly not for the faint of heart. With sudden turns, dramatic inclines, two lanes abruptly turning into one, landslides, and misplaced guard rails that allow enough of an opening to let your imagination run wild, it’s no surprise that 60 km takes well over 90 minutes to trek through.


Well, we were brave enough to make that trek today in search of coffee and we’re very glad we did. San Marcos/Tarrazu is located in a beautiful valley surrounded by the Talamanca Sierra Mountains. With a minimum altitude of just over 1300 meters above sea level, and a maximum of 3000 meters, the area is perfect for growing quality, high-land coffee. Its been said that the coffee grown in this region is the most desirable coffee in Costa Rica, which in turn makes it the most desirable coffee in the world. To prove as much, in 2012, coffee grown in Tarrazu was the most expensive coffee sold in Starbucks in The United States.


Expo Cafe is held here annually and it consists of local producers showcasing the quality of their beans/coffee at various stands throughout the marketplace. Below are a few pictures from the event, with small pieces of info about the brand, and a link or email if I could find one. The event lasts a full two days and is supplemented with clothing stands, jewelry stands, and of course food stands, all Tico flavored.

Processed with VSCO with a8 preset

La Candelilla Estate

Some of the show casers, like Cafe Ave del Paraiso, are relatively new to the coffee scene, introducing fresh ideas and vibrant energy into coffee cultures. Others are more established, having been in operation for countless generations, defining the standards expected of the coffee bean from the region.


Cafe Doga

Extremely friendly family with great recommendation for coffee, not just their own.


Cafe De La Tia


La Montaña Tarrazu Micromill

This photo above may have been one of my favorite pictures, but thanks to my sister’s….sorry, thanks to my camera’s mistake, the focus didn’t quite come out right. Nonetheless Ms. Tatiana Gutierrez was one of the most helpful and friendliest  owners I had the pleasure of meeting today (not to mention the coffee was outstanding) Really excited to get back down to Tarrazu to check out the source of their coffee!

La Montaña Tarrazu Micromill


Siglo XXI_______exportcafe2015@hotmail.com

La Joya Cafe_______cafejoya@gmail.com


Cafe Sol Naciente

Another producer I had the pleasure of meeting today, Arturo (pictured below), was actually studying Japanese and caught me off guard with a quick “Yokouso.” Very pleasant, down to earth guy that was obviously very knowledgable in the world of coffee. Of course to make things even better he had absolutely delicious coffee as well. Also looking forward to visiting this farm. Best of luck with your Japanese!


Overall was an amazing event and I can’t wait until the next Expo Cafe. Took home a few beans today (from the three stands with great taste and excellent customer service) that I can’t wait to try first thing in the morning. Appreciate the amazing experience Tarrazu.


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