Viva el Cafe 2018 (San Jose, Costa Rica)

Yesterday I had the opportunity to check out Viva el Cafe 2018 at Costa Rica’s National Stadium located in La Sabana District, a quick 15 minute car ride from downtown San Jose.


For me, personally, this event was nowhere near the energy level that was Expo Cafe Tarrazu. Perhaps it was the large tent we were in that didn’t allow any sunlight in despite the beautiful weather outside. Or it may have been the bigger names in coffee that were at this event that didnt feel the need to “sell” the coffee they were passionate about and instead could simply stand behind their display, knowing customers would buy. Or perhaps it was the $4 entry fee that made the “free” Viva Cafe bag seem that much less desirable. Whatever the reason, the Tarrazu event was much more intimate, with smaller, family owned brands promoting a product they’re proud of.

Of course that’s not to say that there were not enthusiastic brands, excited to tell you about their coffee, there certainly were (with amazing coffee as well) , just to a lesser extent.


Don Eli Coffee

Nonetheless, if you have an interest in coffee, it is worth the visit, especially if you live in San Jose. Unlike Expo Cafe that had beans just from the Tarrazu region, Viva Cafe had beans from all over Costa Rica, Single Origin, specialty blends, and even an anaerobic blend that had the fruttiest taste I had ever experienced with coffee (a bit too much for me, but I can see there being a market for it).


Roblesabana Coffee

The best part of Viva Cafe 2018? Running into old friends from Cafe Doga! Back at it again with great coffee and amazing customer service. I don’t think Coffee brands were ranked based on hospitality at Viva Cafe, but if they were, Cafe Doga would win, without a doubt.



Above is a $60,000 roaster that takes all of the guesswork out of roasting. Mr. Cercone and his company Espresso Latam SA are giving a roasting course using this futuristic roaster from 21-23 March in Alajuela, Costa Rica to anyone interested.


Lastly, if fresh coffee and high-tech roasters aren’t enough to entice you, simple yet aesthetic coffee “gadgets” like the one seen above and below prove that Viva Cafe did in fact have something for everyone. Now if only they could have the event outside next year…



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