Patagonia Men’s RPS Rock Pants


I stumbled into Patagonia one day, having previously only gone on hikes with shorts, which I’ll recommend against doing in a second, and bought these guys. I bought two that day, one in charcoal and blue, and returned a few weeks later to find a green pair on sale. It says rock pants, implying they’re made for rock climbing, but show me a mountain with no rocks…I’ve been through hikes where there was downpour on the last bit of it, and these pants have the water slide right off them. If you spill some of your water on them, you’ll notice the beads just sit on top of the fabric. As previously mentioned, I used to do my hikes in shorts because it was hot. Well, if that’s your personal preference then so be it, but I’ve since switched to long pants for every hike, regardless of temperature. Reason being, if there is some brush along the way, or you’re scaling massive boulders, its nice not having to worry about your legs brushing up against poison ivy, or cut on the jagged boulder. Except to pay around $80 for these.


  • Extremely breathable, any sweat buildup from the hike, usually flows right out pretty quickly. Pockets are meshed, which increases airflow.
  • Modest stretch, cut resistant. Have never had a break in the fabric, but have had many instances where one should have resulted.
  • Zip pocket on the side for keys, IDs, or headphones.



  • If you have muscular legs, or a firm rear, these pants MAY be a little uncomfortable, at least that was my experience after purchasing them in Japan. Definitely try them on before buying, as should be done with any hiking gear…except perhaps underwear.