Patagonia Men’s RØ® Sun Tee


So…If you hadn’t noticed, I definitely went through a heavy Patagonia phase early in my hiking adventures. When picking out a shirt for hikes, biggest thing is make sure its not cotton. Just about anything else will be fine, although I’m not sure I’d want poor quality wool as my inner for more than 30 minutes. If you’re a gym rat, or really into sports, you can just use you’re DryFit Nike or UnderArmour shirt you use for the gym, no need to buy anything new. I do love the shirt, but will probably never drop this much for a t-shirt ever again. This bad boy will set you back about $40.


  • Extremely light and  fast-drying. According to Patagonia, “4.6-oz 94% polyester (35% recycled)/6% spandex jersey with 50+ UPF sun protection and Polygiene® permanent odor control.” Take that how you want, but do know its extremely comfortable, and has a very nice touch to the skin. Any sweat that accumulates slicks off rather quickly.
  • Loose-fitting cut for cooling airflow over skin. This is pretty key. If you’re gym shirts are extra tight to show off your muscle, you’re not going to get much air flow, are going to be hotter in the summer, and could get some chaffing around the nipples.


  • $40

Nike Legend 2.0


I owned a few of these shirts for the gym, before I ever started hiking, and they make an excellent hiking shirt. Just like Patagonia’s $40 shirt, they wick sweat off, allow for airflow, and feel good on the skin (Although, I have to admit, and I hate to admit it, but Patagonia’s do feel just SLIGHTLY better). For $25 a shirt though, solid quality.


  • Dri-Fit wicks sweat and keeps you comfortable
  • Relatively cheap


  • Half a point lower on the “Feels good on the skin” scale compared to Patagonia

Some Adidas Shirt on Clearance


I also sport this adidas shirt seen above. I searched through the adidas and sports retailers’ website, and could not find it. I’m assuming it’s a discontinued series. But, I saw this shirt on clearance for $7 and decided to buy it. Its comfortable, but definitely not as comfortable as the other two. Still, its breathable, wicks away sweat and it works great on the trail. If you see a great shirt for sale that has the properties listed above, buy it if you’re in need of a shirt.


  • $7 on clearance
  • Athletic wear, no sweat accumulation


  • Doesn’t have the same feel good feeling as the others. Doesn’t feel bad, just doesn’t feel like a soft, velvety cloud embracing your upper body.