REI Co-op Merino Wool Hiking Socks


Socks are a crucial part to a good hiking experience. Mess around on an arduous, hot, humid hike with cotton socks and I wish you and your feet the best. Between the discomfort and inevitable blisters, you will be cursing yourself and your socks all the way up, if you can stand it for that long. My go to for socks are Merino Wool. Why? Wick the sweat right up. It’s kind of like magic for me. I hike, I sweat, and my feet never get wet. Where does the sweat go? That’s the magic of these socks. Really, all merino wool are about the same. Expect to pay $7-12 for a pair of these, anything more and you’re most likely just paying for brand name.


  • Comfortable
  • Minimal moisture buildup
  • Odor-Resistant (Huge on multi-day hikes. I still recommend bringing more than one pair of socks though…)
  • Come in some decent colors
  • Mid-cut. I personally like the high cut. If your pants get drawn up for any reason, It keeps dirt and debris away from your skin, but still low enough to where you’re not burning up. In the winter, provides an extra small layer of insulation.


  • Price, potentially. I never thought I would spend $10 on a pair of socks, but if you’re doing any serious hiking, please stay away from cotton socks.



Patagonia Lightweight Merino Hiking Crew Socks


These were my first pair of socks ever purchased for hiking. I switch back and forth between these and the ones seen above. They are a good pair of socks, but nothing significantly better about them to justify the $22 price. Perfect example of paying for the brand name. I was young, naive, and new to hiking. Anyways, if you absolutely love Patagonia, snag these socks, if not, find a cheaper pair to fit your budget.